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In the frames of "Museum Night 2019" and "International Museum Day" events, we invite you to visit Yerevan Modern Art Museum with its renewed main exposition. The Museum open from 11:00 AM to midnight. Entrance free.

Yerevan Modern Art Museum invites to the opening of Artem Melik-Azariants solo exhibition, which will take place on May 17, at 6 pm.
Melik-Azariants has graduated from Tbilisi Art Academy.

The DIASPOARTS association which gathers French and Armenian artists from France and Armenia and Yerevan Modern Art Museum present “Colors of Liberty” exhibition, dedicated to the velvet revolution in Armenia in April 2018.

In the frames of FRANCOPHONIE
VARBO MEDIA and MODERN ART MUSEUM OF YEREVAN present the exhibition “Masters of Graphic Art of the 20th Century” - collection of Vardges Boyajyan.
This exhibition features over 250 magnificent works of art of Edgar Chahine, Jean Carzou and Jan Jansem.

In the eternal stream of time generations, which change one another, are striving to make their contribution, to express their concepts. And if an artist is honest in his creations, he will be always appreciated, in spite of his age and experience. (Hasmik Badalyan, art critic)

Our reality displays itself under the vigilant, all-seeing eye of God, who looks after the eternal struggle between the truth and the lie.
In Renaissance the Christian world creates new, mighty system of the perception of the world. The process of visual perception seems to be more significant in Italian Renaissance, especially in creations of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rafael, etc. The field of priority for these geniuses, the people with superhuman spiritual and physical energy, became the culture, based on the observation of the world.

For me, painting is one of the attempts to comprehend the essence of our existence. Before our natural death, much about life will yet be held secret for us. Abstraction is granted to us by God, the Creator, and I’ m endlessly searching for it deep within myself.

Counter perspective
The theme of my works is the relationship between the artist and the space, or rather the search for a perception of things that has a correspondence with the wandering character of my lifestyle and with my way of conceiving distant things as if they were subjects materially close to me.

Dialogue, discussion, group work, and collaborative art making are an integral part of communicative paths for visually impaired people. The project "To See with Fingers" is a video installation. People can feel through touch, through the sensory nerves of their fingertips, the portraits made by the principle of the Braille alphabet.


"...Suren Safaryan's (Safar) "Shadows" series makes the onlooker participant of a retrospective action. The idea of the cycle was born from the need of the contemporary man to relieve his brains.

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