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"...Suren Safaryan's (Safar) "Shadows" series makes the onlooker participant of a retrospective action. The idea of the cycle was born from the need of the contemporary man to relieve his brains.

08.11 - 20.11.2018

On 8November 2018 the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan (MAMY), Armenia will open an installation entitled Palimpsest: History in Drawers, showcasing art works by Boston based artist Varteni. This is the second exhibition by Varteni in Armenia. The first one took place in Gyumri in October 2018.


The exhibition "Unusual images" is the result of one year creative work of eight persons with the problems of mental health. The exhibition is organized by National Center for
Mental Health Help CJSC and "Assistance for Art Developement" SO, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of RA.


One more exhibition from the Inventor of the Bicycle, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the artist.
Curator: Tatul Arakyan
The opening on October 5th, 7 pm.


On the 18th of September at 6 pm. Yerevan Modern Art Museum invites to the exhibition “Invisible-Visible”.

This is the latest project of Edmond Habetian (France), which represents photography of nine photographs living in different countries.


IF a little word that can change the reality, the future to negative or positive. IF which we can wait or avoid

IF which we can save or kill Project will make a small effort to deep into great concept


From August 22 up to 28 in Yerevan Modern Art Museum will take place the exhibition, titled "Reflection", organized by Hamazkaine Art Advisory Council of Australia with participation of 20 artists with nearly 60 works.


We chose the concept of the project “The Possibility of the Impossible Choice” during a period when it already seemed that there was no possibility for choice,


On July 21 at 5 pm we invite you to Romeo Melikyan's "Conflicts" personal exhibition.




Ecstasy and doom are the main sources of Armenouhi Martirosyan’s art impulses.

On the dark background, out of order-yellowish or red quadrangle seems to be a distant door, opened in the gloom.

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