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Already for many years Narine Isajanyan kives in USA, but each year she reminds of herself by new exhibitions, projects, performances in Modern Art Museum. From June 29 up to July 1 will take place her recirrent exhibition, where she will show her new paintins and graphica lists. In those works as always, one can feel her enthusiasm, faithfulness to herself and the devotion to everything she does.

The author of the project "Creative Action" is Tigran Sahakyan, who confess, that he is a bit tired from the traditional ways and methods of creation, and now works only by his bear hands.

His personal exhibition will open at 13 July at 6 pm.

Anatoli Avetyan's solo exhibition, dedicated to his 60th anniversary, will take place on September 5, at 5 pm.

"I create the way I like, what I like, by means I like. I like color, form, line, volume, texture. Not affiliated to any style, manner, trend. Diversity of materials and daily experiment is my raison d'être, I am happy! I am free in art." Anatoli Avetyan

Andrzej Rafałowicz is a Polish artist working in various fields of art such as painting, video art, printmaking. The main mediа that he works with is painting, which he finds to be an equally intellectual and aesthetic art form. From many sources of inspiration he points to Byzantine and Russian icons, Cubism, and Pop Art as the most influential for his creative practice.

"Black and Real"

"Not luxory, but  phylosophy" would distinguish the exhibition space during the abstract artists exposition "Black and Real", which will last only for 3 days from 21st up to 24th of September. That would be an original exhibition-meeting, during which the participating artists, both from Armenia and USA, will meet one another.

Lilit Soghomonyan - Personal exhibition

Opening on September, 28, at 5 pm.

...The meaning of an image... what is it?.. is it in visual documentation of facts and history, or in depiction and transmission of the beauty?.. ot it is in something else?

November, 13 - December, 2

Opening at 5 pm.

"Tsarskoselskaya collection" is the first exhibition of Russian artists in Modern Art Museum, which will open on November 13th and last untill December 2.

On the 2 of November will take place the opening of the personal exhibition of a young artist Vahagn Tadevosyan.

On December 27, at 5 pm. will take place an inclusive fashion show, organized by British Council in the frames of the international project "Fashion Road: Dialog on the crossroad og boundaries".

Modern Art Museum collection is being increased. In this concern, the Museum has widen the funds space, whereas its exposition area, alas, has remeind the same, restristing our abilities in exhibiting new art works.

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