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May, 5-25, 2013

In Modern Art Museum will take place an rxhibition of photos, dedicated to the aincient monuments of Armenian architecture beyond the borders of the country. The author of the project is photographer Samvel Karapetyan, representative of RAA (Research of Armenian Architecture) foundation, who, already for many years, is invastigating the architecture monuments on the territory of historic Armenia.

11-18, July, 2013

This project is an oportunity to represent in a whole Armenian fine arts within a long period of times - from the end of 19th up to the beginning of 21st century.


At first sight

January, 24-31, 2013

Irina Razumovskaya (Sankt Peterburg, Russia)

Private exhibition

Canvas, paper, acrylic, tempera, glue

The exhibition is dedicated to the impressions of artist of her short, two weeks visit to Armenia. The exposition is based in minimalistic principle. It comprises canvases, articles and art objects, which resemble pages from a notebook, puled up of it and hung on the walls. Such method aims at drawing attention on nuances and small things which often escape from our view and are being lost in the abyss of everyday life.

18-25, February, 2015

"Nobody and nothing can take away what is given from Heaven". These words Anna Harutyunyan will confirm by her personal exhibition "And the Life started..."

The opening will take place on February, 18, 2015, 6 pm.


Below zero

September 10, 2013, 6 pm.

On the 10th of September, 6 pm in the yard of Modern Art Museum will take place Narine Isajanyan (LA) performance "Below zero".
For the last ten years the artist prefers natural "pastel" colors much more than the bright ones, concerning them more suitable for transmission her ideas to the onlookers.


Henry Elibekyan's "My Contemporaries" and Henry and Vahik Elibekyans "Two Generations"

01-30 June, 2013

"Two Generations"

The exhibition will represent works of two artists from Elibekyan’s dynasty - Henry Elibekian (born in 1936) and his son, Vagharshak Elibekian (born in 1961).



October, 8, 2013, 7:00 pm

Misha Badasyan (Berlin) in collaboration with Vardan Harutyunyan (Yerevan) represent ENTER  - live performance with video and sound installation.
The show is organized by ACSL in the frames of its Art Commune International Artist-in-Residence Program.

16-27 October, 2013

Hasmik Avetisyan's private exhibition "The unnoticed beauty" is devoted to albinism. For the artist albinism is an absolutely other world, which, undeservedly is out of any attension. At first she addressed to this topic, aiming to show the beauty of "whiteness", but soon, she realized that this is the continuation of a seem, which has been desturbing her for a long time.


Vartan & Co

05, December, 2013 - 29, January, 2014

The exhibition will be deddicated to the 65 anniversary of the famous artist. The aim of the exposition is to show all the creative way of Vartan. The most part of the represented artworks will be given by the private collectors.

25, April - 8, May, 2014

It seems, that the new personal exhibition of Moko in Modern Art Museum, "Black, White and Red", would be come for the painter a new chance to remind of herself.

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