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Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory presents projects by its two current guest artists and a curator, which will be incorporated into a single exhibition space.

The mutual exhibition of Henry Elibekyan and his son Vahik Elibekian is dedicated to Sergey Parajanov's 90th anniversary.

Henry Elibekyan greatly appreciates the creative activity of Sergey Parajanov, considering him to be the greatest reformer of th e 20th century cinema, who has established his own coordinates system - "movie - a gesture", "theater - a gesture", "semantic movie".



"The result of what I see, imagine, and perceive is less important than what I see while I paint".

Gor Gyurjan’s attitude changes the traditional approach to artwork evaluation. His art is not just a surrealistic play of thought but a manifestation of will that makes the image visible. His ink-drawings are very similar to the traces of eye motion transferred to artistic medium and synced to the observer’s visual perception.

Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory invites you to the exhibition of Nevdon Jamgochian entitled "Candy - A Meditation on Gluttony" (Illustrations of the Pantheon on the Moon Proposal) Nevdon Jamgochian has been selected for the "Mars 2025 art on the moon" project.

Teresa Leung (Hong-Kong)
Playground Yerevan
multimedia installation

Coming from Hong Kong-a highly (and sadly) urbanized place, Teresa Leung is fascinated by true darkness at night and interested in partially-abandoned public structures in the Armenian capital.

«ALEPPO» Compatriotic Charitable Organization & DIASPO'ARTS Present A STOP AT YEREVAN Exhibition.

For the forthcoming 90th anniversary of Sergey Parajanov an artist and film conductor Tatyana Danielyants has made her project "Gifts for Sergey Parajanov from Venice", based on her artistic intuition and one year research. On the exhibition there will be presented collages from Venice materials and a film in which representatives of culture, Armenians living in Venice, who met Parajanov in thir youth tell thier recollections about great Master.

“Come Closer” aims to bring together artists from various horizons, around the theme of exchange (of ideas, of points of views) and communication with its consequences in terms of proximity and distance. It will be staged as an exhibition by a group of visual artists from France and Switzerland for the first phase of the touring exhibition. The second phase of the project will include exhibitions in Switzerland with a larger group that will include artists from Armenia.

The Second part of the project "Come Closer" is represented by Pier Giorgio de Pinto and RA Honored Actress Karine Janjughazyan. Collaborated works by Geneviève Petermann, Josette Taramarcaz and the students of the National Center of Aesthetics, Armenia. New monotype prints by Catherine Aeschlimann, done in Yerevan streets also with a participation of children of National Center of Aesthetics.


Beyond Tinted

19-23 November, 2014

Beyond Tinted is a digital audio/visual collage (U-Dys-Het). At first glance, this piece draws together abstract sounds with cropped visual samples. These are composed somehow in an accidental yet familiar form, woven in ways that will please, annoy whilst sometimes confuse. However, it has a certain ideological arrangement. This project challenge especially that part of local people that have to reconsider their present landscape and gain some form of clarity out from behind their tinted view (tinted glasses of the big cars of nоuveau riche).

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