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March 5-27, 2016

Following the tradition, Modern Art Museum represents its next in turn exhibition from the funds of the Museum. This time the visitors of the Museum will have the opportunity to enjoy the artworks of Anait Abramian, who lives now in Montreal (Canada).


Modern Art Museum and Neres Melikyan invite to the first exhibition of 2016, which will represent graphic art works by Gayane Khachaturyan and Martin Petrosyan (private collection).

On December 11 at 6 pm Modern Art Museum invites to the opening of the joint venture project of Gago Chtchyan (Czech Republic) and Haik Mesropian (Switzerland).
The art of Gago Chtchyan (born 1969) Modern Art Museum presents for the first time, as to Haik Mesropian (born 1967) - his exhibitions seem to have tendency of becoming traditional.

November 22 - December 1

Modern Art Museum presents pianist, teacher, and author of the musicological works, art lover and collector Yakov Zargaryan’s exclusive collections show, dedicated to professor’s 90th anniversary.

2015, November 11-17

Portraits painted by Arutchyan, though showing a person or a collective image in a static position, but full of internal, latent movement.


Leo Leo Vardanyan

Solo Exhibition

Opening at 6:00 pm


This exhibition will be the first of Australian Armenian artists in Armenia. It will offer these artists the opportunity to trace their personal topography and showcase perspectives of Australia for an Armenian audience, just as they have showcased their Armenian heritage in Australia.

04.09.2015 - 18.09.2015

“Food is a necessity, enjoying the food – is art”. These words of a French philosopher François de La Rochefoucauld today turned to be topical because Food as an object of art, especially of photo art, nowadays is in trend.

6-20, August, 2015

From Color to Idea, From Idea to Color series exhibition.

This exhibition discloses, opposes, encounters, rebels,
and demands.
The principle core remains similar within its property.

July, 29 - August, 4

(South America/North America)
painting, sound

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