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Rafael Megal belongs to such type of young artists, who on the way of forming their own style, try not to go too far from the roots. Comprehending in original way the basis of national painting, trying to understand principles of national artistic thinking, they make use of "advises" of Armenian classic artists and try to bring together the "lessons" of the latters with their own individuality, world outlook and the demands of contemporary art.

On November 2 at 6 pm will take place the opening of the exhibition of paintings by English artist Reece Whitehead, based on his, nearly two-month's, experiences in Armenia at the Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory (ACSL)/ “Art Commune” International Artist-in-Residence Program



On 18th of November at 5 pm will take place the presantation of the mutual project by artist Moko Khachatryan and pianist Haik Melikyan.

The 80th anniversary of the founder of the Modern Art Museum, Henry Igityan, is data, which, of course, cannot remein annoticed in the life of Museum. We started to prepare to the day long before, in January. By the staff were prepared three big posters - one with Igityan citations, another with the artists of two generations (1960th and 1980th), with who he was in touch for whole his life, and the third one - with all the albums and catalogues, which were compelled and published due to his efforts.

Music, theater, pleyful harleqines in their bright outfits and costumes, beautiful women:

Laura is back! From March 27 up to April 5 - personal exhibition, where artist will introduce to the onlookers her new works: paintings, drawings, abstract compositions.

(Dis)position of (Dis)topia – video installation
Bodybuilding – C-prints
Collective Amnezia – video projection
The City of Unconsciousness in collaboration with Vahe Budumyan and students of the “Bridge of Hope” Assosiation – photographs

On the 20th of April at 6 pm, the lovers of decorative art are invited to the opening of the personal exhibition of Sona Banoyan, to enjoy the artist's new works. She will present to the onlookers her batiques and tapestries (gobelin) - very contemporary by their form, natural by their color and "unquestionable" by their handy craft.

For the exhibition was printed catalogue with new works of the artist.

The exposition will last till May 7.

On the 4th of May 6pm will take place of opening of Jino's - Harutyun Jinonyan's (Moscow) personal exhibition "Internal time". Paintings, photos and clocks, clocks, clocks.

"Lige long Dialogue"


The history of relations of the two leading figures of Armenian contemporary art, art critic Henry Igityan and artist Henry Elibekyan, is very long, complicated, discrepant and, perhaps, it as left unfinished.

From May 23 up to June 3 Museum invites for Tigran Matulyan's personal exhibition.

For the next time he will introdiced to the onlookers the charming world of his "fluffy" beauties, who live their harmonic lifes in the space, full of ornamental decorativness and refind luxory.

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