Century Lines - Karush Akopian, Lena Akopian, Astri Tonoyan


Modern Art Museum invites to the exhibition "Century Lines" which will present graphical works of three artists of one family from Norway.

Karush Akopian

Was born in Armenia in 1926. In 1952-1982 lived in Riga. Graduated from Latvian Academy of Fine Arts, being the student of prominent artist Theodor Zalkaln and Karl Zemdeg. Karush was a member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia.

Karush worked in a wide range of technics and materials: chamotte, bronze, chasing copper, which was very popular in those times. He was also kin to interior design and has performed many projects in different cities of the Soviet Union. In late 1970s his interest laid in the sphere of printing graphica: lino-print, own created technique, as well as hand colored silk-screen.

The main themes of his creation are love, family, motherhood, where Armenian national smack is often present. Starting to use color in his sculptures, Karush became an innovator in this field.

In the summer of 1982 Karush Akopian died.


Lena Akopian

Lena Akopian is the daughter of Karush Akopian. She was born in 1959 in Riga. Has finished  secondary Artistic school after J.Rozental and in 1977-1983 studied at Latvian Academy of Fine Arts, where she was a student of the famous graphic artist Gunars Krollis. Before the earthquake in 1988 she lived in Leninakan (now Gyumri). Since 1990, she lives and works in Norway.

Lena is a very actively creating artist. Since 1981 she was a participant of a great number of group exhibitions and also had several solo-exhibitions in Norway, Armenia, Latvia, Spain, Germany, Russia, France, USA etc.

Lena Akopian is a member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia, Norwegian Visual Artists Association, Norwegian Graphic Artists and Buskerud Bildendekunstnere

«Environment theme has always touched, inspired and shaped my art. Pollution caused by human activity, the spread of toxic substances in air, water and soil, harmful effect on human health, animals and plants – are the key notions for most of my art works. The goal of my art works is to put more focus on the vulnerability of the nature».


Astri Tonoyan

Astri Tonoyan, the artist Karush Akopian’s granddaughter, was born in Armenia in 1984. Before the earthquake in 1988 lived in Leninakan (now Gyumri). Living in Riga for a while, she left for Norway in 1990, where she lives and works till now.

In 2010-2011 Astri studied at Oslo University (Norway), in 2003-2009 – at Oslo Academy of Fine Arts (Norway), in 2005-2006 – at Florence Academy of Fine Arts (Italy).

Astri Tonoyan is very active artist and sculptor, she also realizes projects in LandArt, organizes exhibitions, often being a member of the jury.

She is a participant of many group exhibitions in Norway and abroad, also had several solo-exhibitions.

Astri is a member of Norwegian Visual Artists Association, Norwegian Sculpturs Association and Østfold Artists Association.

«My art works are often based on symbolism and existential themes of (bio) diversity and identity. I explore the meaning and results of the human presence or absence».



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