Invisible-Visible group exhibition


On the 18th of September at 6 pm. Yerevan Modern Art Museum invites to the exhibition “Invisible-Visible”.

This is the latest project of Edmond Habetian (France), which represents photography of nine photographs living in different countries.


Edmond Habetian started collaborating with the Museum of Modern Art of Yerevan since 2014. The projects were as follows:

2014 «Come Closer»

2015 «Me and the Armenian Genocide»

2016 «Uprooted», artist residence, «Street Art»

2017 Training and organizing of fashion show at Yerevan State College of Light Industry

The point of this exhibition «Invisible–Visible» is to show how different artists, using different technologies make invisible - visible.


During the vernissage Inna Kolupaeva (Armenia) will present her Installation/Performance: Evolution.

Already for several years Inna Kolupaeva had an opportunity to collaborate with Edmond Habetian and Modern Art Museum (Yerevan). Thanks to that framework there were created different art installations and performances such as video installation called "Balance" in 2015, "The Life through Mechanical Body" performance in 2016, "Illuminated" performance in 2017.
Certainly this new exhibition "Invisible-Visible" (2018) will be an opportunity to present another work called "Evolution of Spirit" and meet up with new challenge.



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