Palimpsest: History in Drawers

08.11 - 20.11.2018

On 8November 2018 the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan (MAMY), Armenia will open an installation entitled Palimpsest: History in Drawers, showcasing art works by Boston based artist Varteni. This is the second exhibition by Varteni in Armenia. The first one took place in Gyumri in October 2018.


In the early 1980’s Henrik Igityan, founder of MAMY, was at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA for a lecture. Varteni and Igityan met during this time and the latter visited the artist’s studio, applauded her work and invited her to come to Armenia for an exhibition. Decades later this dream is being realized.    

Palimpsest: History in Drawers is a re-imaging of a time just a few steps back, before the digital reshaping of our lives and a time when our memories had a hard copy extension tucked away in a drawer somewhere in some corner of the house. As the artist puts it … this is an art installation expressing some moments of my remembrance, remembrance of separation and distance, letters from loved ones tucked away in a drawer and then years later found and read with longing. A moment for now … and the NOW that Varteni mentions at the end of her statement is the question that the installation asks. Are we making any “hard copies” of our memories and leaving them behind in some drawer somewhere? And if the digital image is not the answer then perhaps a sculpture, a painting or a drawing hung on a wall NOW will be the remembrance of a later life, a remembrance much valued then…..

The MAMY show will be from 8 November through 20 November 2018 with the opening reception set for 8th November | 18:00 to 21:00. In this opening reception will also perform Hasmik and Alec Harutyunyans. For info please contact: +374 (10) 535359

Proceeds from both shows will be donated into a fund to help nurture the arts within the Gyumri school system.

Varteni was born in Istanbul and as a youth migrated to the New World. She has attended California Institute of Arts and is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts, University of Central Florida.

Her biography has been published in “Who is Who of American Women” and her paintings have been shown in exhibitions worldwide.

More information on the artist is available at www.Varteni.com 



Address: 7, Mashtots ave., Yerevan, 0002, Republic of Armenia

Phone: (374 10) 539637

            (374 10) 535359

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