From July 9 up to August 13, Garen Bedrossian will present his big project "Vital Movements": sculpture, painting, video.

21st century dictates new ideas, new forms. 21st century art is a synthes of the variety of world outlooks, national traditions, which interlace with philosophy, with consciousness, which is changed by mythology, with subtle selection and contemporary comprehension of time and space categories.

From May 14 up to June 15 - big personal exhibition of Gagik Ghazanchyan, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the artist.

The first impression is - existance in trice moment in the flight, unexpectedness of the suggested circumstances, because his "Starting point is the moment of arising of the present between the past and the future.

Nearly a year has past since Henry Igityan's death. Instead of natural shock and confusion came realizing, that we have to go on with everything that he used to do, we have to move further on.

During these few month there were held some exhibitions, but for the first anniversary of Igityan's death, his friends decided to realize a great project.

"Prior to coming to Armenia I was aware and very conscious of the significant religious history of the Caucus region as well as the weighty political history of Armenia. What struck me upon arrival, however, was the sense of humour deeply ingrained within the people. I have approached these themes of history, religion, tradition and art with a playfulness that is directly influenced from the general humour of Armenian people". (K.S.)

You can't call Mushegh Mkhitaryan neither a painter nor a sculptor in the traditional meaning of these notions. He is simply very gifted man, multi-talanted person, bright individuality: "Each state is creative. Each essence spatial and versatile. That is why, to envelope in the feelings the integrity of a thought, I try to persive the phenomenon, which exites me from different points of view.

"Do you know, Marina, when was your the most succesful period? When you wasn't a genious yet..." These were Igityan's last words, in the last days of his life, in the hospital, addressed to Marine Dilanyan. We came to see him, and those words stuck in my mind.

"The term identity is closely associated with a native country, the homeland. I understand by "territory" a specific space, which is shaping usas individuals and reflecting our actions. It contains personal nuances, which are connected to history, nature, politic, domestic environment and childhood.

From October 1 up to 15 - exhibition, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ruben Adalyan. It will be held simlultaneusley with that in Armenia Artists' Union. The exhibition will be huge one - both by the number of works and the variety of genres, styles, technics, artistic approaches. Painting, graphica works, collages, assamblages - this is him, an outstanding master Ruben Adalyan, about whom Henry Ogotyan once said: "Sometimes it seems to me that Ruben Adalyan has created the whole world art..."

Opening at 3 pm.

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