"The term identity is closely associated with a native country, the homeland. I understand by "territory" a specific space, which is shaping usas individuals and reflecting our actions. It contains personal nuances, which are connected to history, nature, politic, domestic environment and childhood.

From October 1 up to 15 - exhibition, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ruben Adalyan. It will be held simlultaneusley with that in Armenia Artists' Union. The exhibition will be huge one - both by the number of works and the variety of genres, styles, technics, artistic approaches. Painting, graphica works, collages, assamblages - this is him, an outstanding master Ruben Adalyan, about whom Henry Ogotyan once said: "Sometimes it seems to me that Ruben Adalyan has created the whole world art..."

Opening at 3 pm.

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