On November 1-3 in Modern Art Museum will take place personal exhibition of Keti Melkadze (Georgia). During the exhibition she will present her artworks done from metal meshes during last two years.



From October 7 to 31 "Bardzr arvest" fine art center represents the "Independence" exhibition. In the exposition Armenian painting from the end of 19 century up to nowadays.

16.09-04.10. 2016

My painting is based on the mathematical rules of the Golden Number. I want to give a visual pleasure to the observer through the harmony of every line, shape and color of my art. The golden number guides my inspiration on all my paintings.



September 1-11, 2016

JosetteTaramarcaz, Swiss artist, invited for a residence-exhibition, by the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan, will produce in situ, a work on the theme of the exile.
The project, entitled «Uprooted», «Déracinés « is based on the narrative of HrantMargaryan which intends to describe the migratory route of his family from
1915 till 1955.

Performance art, a radical artistic «statement» of 1960-1970s, has become nowadays one of the most popular genres of contemporary art. Performance art presents and develops the direct interaction between the artist and the public, focuses on attention to the person, and questions the existing norms.

25.06 - 02.07.2016

On June 25 at 6 pm we invite you to the exhibition of the artworks by Kiki (Grigor Mikaelyan) and Narine (Narine Isajanyan).


“Between Heaven and Earth” – is the exhibition of oil and graphic works by Nona Gabrielyan, created in the last 20 years. There is no need to introduce Nona Gabrielyan to the art lovers of the elder generation, but for the young visitors of our museum we have pleasure to mention, that Nona Gabrielyan is a talented master both in painting and ceramics.

May 20 - June 5

Modern Art Museum invites to Nazik Aslanyan's solo exhibition. Visitors can enjoy paintings created last years.
Nazik Aslanyan search for the meaning and essence of life in elements of nature, which then transform into series of artwork, such as «The Tree», «The Flower», «The Sun», «Scenary», «Reality», etc.


Modern Art Museum invites to Zara Manucharyan’sHierotopy (sacral space)personal exhibition.

Being Armenian by their character, conceptual canvases, made in the abstract manner, create a mystic atmosphere which influence on the onlookers the artist strengthens by Tigran Hamasyan’s

March 5-27, 2016

Following the tradition, Modern Art Museum represents its next in turn exhibition from the funds of the Museum. This time the visitors of the Museum will have the opportunity to enjoy the artworks of Anait Abramian, who lives now in Montreal (Canada).

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